You’re good at figuring stuff out. Why is this so hard?

Hi, there. I’m Deirdre Walsh. My purpose is to guide you to the joy of expressing your purpose.

 Deirdre Walsh, Certified Integrative Health Coach, Oakville Ontario

You have a purpose in life — I call it an expression — that is unique to you.

There’s no one else on earth with your expression. You may have been connected to it when you were younger, as a child. But with adulthood came the responsibilities in life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. The spark of deeper purpose was put to the side.

The pursuit had a rightness about it. You accomplished many good things. But lately you’ve noticed the solidness of the pursuit shifting. Maybe a transition has shaken things up. Or life is like watching TV, but with only one channel. Perhaps you’ve gotten safe in the ordinary.

Where are you standing at this very moment?

Path with blue effect

On the familiar path of life, love and the pursuit of happiness? Or paused at a foggy crossroad of adventures unknown? Both paths have rewards as they bend in new directions, just beyond the edge of your view.

The familiar path feels, well, familiar. The foggy path is unknown and yet strangely thrilling. It has the potential to be soul satisfying.

Because it will take you to the pursuit of joy.

Joy = Presence + Love + Expression

About SupergirlListen, you have a perfectly good list of sensible reasons for why things should stay the same.

Too bad they won’t. Joy won’t let them. 

Joy wants you to dig deep into who you really are. She wants you to feel the satisfaction of realizing your true potential. She promises you a deeper, soul-level sense of what happiness can be.


This passage leads to some of the richest experiences that life has to offer. The chance to become your deepest, most authentic self. To live your most beloved dreams. To experience the joy of expressing your purpose.

Three Things I Know to Be True

You can be as fit and vibrant as ever during the Expression Years. But your approach has to be different. Most likely you’ve grappled with adrenal fatigue that’s left you feeling flabby, frazzled and fatigued. You can change this.

Your mind can be a peaceful friend. But memory stresses, attention issues, and a racing busy mind have taken their toll. You can change this.

You have a yearning for meaningful pursuits that match up with your deeper purpose. Doing things only in pursuit of outside goals has lost it’s lustre. This yearning won’t go away. You can uncover this.

Your Guide Awaits

I created this site because I couldn’t find a place that integrated body, mind and spirit together in a powerful, hands-on way for the mid-life adventurer. This is a special passage of growth that requires an individual approach. The rules are yours to create now.

You’ll find this site chock full of information, inspiration, and insights. There’s practical help —  mindfulness instruction, guided meditations, and coaching tools and sessions —  to show you where you are and where you want to go. There’s loads to read — blog posts here on the site and curated resources on The Expression Years’ social media channels. And I’m always here to help.

Here’s the good news. If you choose the foggy, unfamiliar path you don’t have to go it alone. I designed The Expression Years protocols and experiences to help you work through this complex process without the loneliness.

There will come a turn on the path that the fog clears and the sun blazes. It will feel like home. And you’ll be there with a healthy body, a peaceful mind and an expressive soul.

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